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Our Story

At the heart of our story are the laboratory dermatologists who have been developing innovative cosmetics since 1975.



We are Swiss by nature.

From Beauty Professionals to You

Callys' expertise dates back to 1975 when the laboratory was founded in Nyon, Switzerland. Listening to the needs of beauty professionals in order to offer them effective and innovative treatments that are out of the ordinary has always been at the heart of the brand's development.

At first, the stem cell-based products, pioneers for their time, were only available in beauty salons and clinics. Thanks to this strong professional base, the range of treatments quickly acquired a solid reputation, which allowed it to expand throughout Switzerland.

Since 2012, the instigator of the change at Callys, himself coming from the world of organic cosmetics, instills the impetus to develop natural harmless formulations respectful of the environment and the human being to be in complete adequacy with its values.

Over time, we have developed formulations that are always at the forefront of research in order to reconcile the harmony of nature and high technology. We work every day to offer the quintessence of nature for all types of beauty.

Callys is the fruit of this professional experience, which today benefits everyone, while respecting the skin of each individual.